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Nippy: Magnet of Mischief

Shakes, Flakes, and Bubble Gum Cakes

Shakes, Flakes, and Bubble Gum Cakes

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In Book #4, Shakes, Flakes, and Bubblegum Cakeswe meet Didi and Fluf in the middle of banter as they figure out (or don't figure out) what to eat for dinner. It's a story everyone can relate to when it comes to close friends agreeing on something as simple as what to eat. 

For ages 3+

Hardback ISBN: 979-8-9870205-7-9

Hardcover, 6” x 9”, full color illustrations, 32 pages

Printed on FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper

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Join Didi and Fluf on a Hungry Adventure!

Hungry tummies make for grumbling cats! Follow Didi and Fluf as they search for the perfect dinner in Shakes, Flakes, and Bubble Gum Cakes.

Something Wise? What will Didi and Fluf Decide!

Burgers and fries or a healthy surprise? Didi and Fluf weigh their options in this charming tale of friendship and food.

Listen to Your Tummy!

Not feeling that food? Didi and Fluf teach us to listen to our bodies and choose what feels right in Shakes, Flakes, and Bubble Gum Cakes.