An Idea, Sparked from Like Minded Entrepreneurs

Frensville is the brainchild of Steve Lamensdorf, an agency executive deeply rooted in technology and customer experience, John Noe, former CEO and agency founder of digital agency Rokkan acquired by Publicis Groupe, and Yuval Shelem an e-commerce and social media expert from Los Angeles. All wandering the world of intellectual property and web3. They come together with over 500 ambassadors to bring the world a fun, exciting, and interactive children's franchise.

Nippy: Magnet of Mischief

Meet Nippy. She’s a curious explorer full of emotions and a magnet to mischief. She is our first piece of published intellectual property. A cat of a 3,222 personalities, her can-do attitude will help kids & parents discover a whole new world. Over the next 36 months it is our goal to deliver 108 books to the world all of different themes, challenges, humor, and excitement.

Our profits go back to those that helped us build a dream, into reality.

We dedicate our products to those that helped us build this franchise from the ground up. We started with an idea, to build a children's book franchise. We started to share this idea with active participants of the Web3 community and soon that idea through modern blockchain technologies turned into being able to fund this enterprise with over 500 like-minded entrepreneurs that are all looking to grow this franchise together.

This is just the beginning.

Naturally, as builders and creators we have many ideas for the future of this franchise, but our mission will always remain the same. To build quality products that will be in demand for years to come.